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Inspiring E-textile People: Interview with Mika Satomi

Every Friday I will be publishing a full-length untranslated interview with one of the e-textile artists featured in my book "Wearables für Maker: Experimentieren, nähen, gestalten".  These remarkable people are talking about their e-textile practice and perspective, failures and successes, tricks and inspirations.

Mika Satomi
Artist/Designer/Educator, one half of KOBAKANT

How and when did you get into e-textiles/wearables?
I first got into the E-Textiles as I worked in a project together with Hannah (the other half of KOBAKANT). We needed to embed a game controller in a back of a jacket, and there we started to use the conductive fabric to make a soft button. During the process of making this project, we discovered that one could also make sensors and the whole electrical connections with these conductive textile materials. It was fascinating to find out that you could create electronics with very different materiality and aesthetics than conventional ones.

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